How to Place Home Theater Speakers

You have your television and domestic theater receiver; you just sold your new speakers and subwoofer and are prepared to check matters out. It’s time to interrupt out the measuring tape because precision is important to attaining the whole capability of your home theater system. For this article, we’re going to awareness on a 5.1 surround sound gadget. The term “five.1” refers to the variety of speakers and subwoofers inside the device respectively. So for a 5.1 surround sound device, there are five audio system (the middle channel, the two front speakers, and the two rear audio system) and one subwoofer.

When putting your private home theater speakers, attempt to use the same quantity of speaker wire for each kind of speaker. For instance, use the same duration of twine for every of the front speakers. This will permit the signal to reach every speaker in approximately the same instant. I say “approximately” due to the fact there are versions inside the wire that may purpose the signal to reach one speaker barely (fractions of a fragment of a 2d) earlier than the alternative. By making the two lengths same, you make certain that this delay stays tiny and unnoticeable.

Center Channel

The center channel need to usually be located either without delay above or right now underneath the viewing display. Make sure the speaker is pointed directly on the target audience.

Front Speakers

The two the front audio system ought to be the same distance from the target market as the middle channel. Doing this will ensure that the sound will journey from each speaker to the target audience in the identical quantity of time and decrease the probabilities of there being a great put off among what takes area on display to while you listen it. Each of the front audio system need to additionally be positioned an identical distance from the TV on both aspect. This distance is dependent on your specific tastes; simply make sure that the distances are each identical.

Rear Speakers

The rear speakers have to be mounted on the walls on either aspect of the target audience. Their reason is to provide a experience of atmosphere, not provide the principle sound for your own home theater device. Therefore, they need to now not be pointed at once at the target market’s ears otherwise you hazard over powering the center channel and the 2 front speakers. Again, distance is important. Try to have the rear audio system the identical distance from the TV for you to use the equal amount of speaker twine and if feasible have them located equidistance from the audience.


Bass tones through their nature are more difficult to localize than the midrange and excessive notes of the other 5 audio system. This will provide you with extra freedom as to wherein to place the subwoofer. However, the place surrounding the subwoofer can substantially have an impact on the bass tones you pay attention. Placing the subwoofer in a corner or below a table will create a deeper resonating tone because the sound waves replicate off of the surfaces. The placement of the subwoofer is up to you, depending on the sort of bass you need. Experiment with exclusive locations and locate the only that high-quality suits your flavor.

Realizing the total capability of your own home theater audio system isn’t a difficult project. By following these guidelines, you may be prepared to experience your property theater the way it became meant to be heard.